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$899   -   5,000 | 3.9

As the more moderately priced and more modern design of Crate and Barrel, CB2 offers reliable quality for slightly less money.  


Overall quality remains, though some design changes and fewer varieties to meet the lower price point.  Another way CB2 keeps costs down is by manufacturing a large number of sofas in China.





(Image credit: CB2)

Quality: ★★★★.5

Many of CB2's strive to have comparable quality to Crate & Barrel.  Products are manufacturing both in the US and globally with a mixture of woods to help balance costs.  Whether a solid wood manufactured domestically or a plywood shipped from Vietnam, the Sofas are sturdy and made well.

Design: ★★★★


From modern to retro to classic designs, CB2 brings together a modern and stylish aesthetic across all styles.  The website provides you with an opportunity to “shop the trend” with 7 pre-defined collections or search through the sofa section.  CB2 highlights the designer and style he/she is incorporating into the couch as the brand goes to great lengths to highlight that it is a “design led” organization.


With a more limited selection than Crate and Barrell or other retailers, CB2 has a more extensive collection of modern designs that are more often designed for urban spaces and a more millennial following.


Customer Experience: ★★★★


CB2 is a traditional retailer with a range of shipping time from in-stock to a few months.  As with other similar retailers, there is a limited number of sofa types and colors available for more immediate delivery (1 -2 weeks) with most available in 9 weeks or more.


Shipping is more reasonably priced than other retailers, with a few options available: i) $59 - $79, depending on the distance from CB2’s warehouse, for just a sofa; ii) $99 - $159 for all furniture purchased, and; iii) free pickup from a CB2 warehouse for certain products.   Delivery is usually through a third party during a 3hr time slot.


Sustainability & Safety:★★.5


As other retailers, CB2 is bringing sustainability to their product reviews and descriptions, but still not completely transparent.  Not all sofas have commentary, but the list is growing, so you need to evaluate each review or discuss with customer service.  There is no page dedicated to sustainability efforts or safety around the wood frame or fabric, which is important since a large number of couches are produced in China.  More information could be provided to provide move comfort in this area.

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