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580   -   $1,800| 3.8

As a new entrant into the home furnishings category, Rivet has a more limited color range, but offers a focused list of modern designs across the major sofa types.  In addition to modest prices they offer free shipping and free returns within 30 days.





(Image credit: Amazon)

Quality: ★★★★

Amazon has  more limited range of a modern aesthetic products, but enough to provide choice along key attributes -  leg style, cushion styls, colors, arm length, and overall design.   Overall, the product quality is in-line with other mid-priced sofas procured from abroad.    The product descriptions are not as extensive as other websites, so additional research might be required to understand the full composition.  Overall, the products are a strong contender to comparably priced products.


Amazon’s Rivet offers a full lineup of modern designs with variations that address the key aesthetic elements – legs, frames, arms, cushions, and back heights.  Most of the sofas come in two colors.  

Customer Experience: ★★★.5

Amazon makes purchasing seamless and very easy.   With a few clicks and an amazon account your couch will arrive in 2 days with Amazon prime or 3/4 days without prime.  The couch arrives and is with ease you have your sofa ready to use.

Amazon provides you with the opportunity to order a swatch  Some of the swatches weren’t available when the couch was, but the majority of swatches were available to send.

Overall, Rivet offers a good value and seamless purchasing experience.  Selection, price, availability, and construction are the main drivers of pricing and value. 


With that being said, the return process was less simple.   We were required to put the sofa back in the box and drop it off at UPS.   Not insurmountable for the price, but retain the box since it is hard to find a replacement box of that size and dimension.   

Sustainability & Safety: ★★.5

Amazon provides limited transparency on assembly location, material origin, or other specifics around product safety.  We submitted a request to understand product.

Link to manufacturer for additional information 


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