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 $599   -   $3,799 | 4.0

Article sources popular furniture items from existing factories around the world and ships them directly to consumers, cutting out showrooming and sales team markups.

They have a large selection of styles and colors for you to purchase through an easy-to-use online portal. 


Once you click on a couch style, the detailed page is easily navigable with numerous photos from different angles. Dimensions, color, and other key information are all on the product page for you to browse.   





(Image credit: Article)

Quality: ★★★★

The quality ranges depending on which unnamed factory the company produces the piece of furniture you bought.  Based on online reviews, the quality seems to be slightly above average.      

Design: ★★★★.5

Article sources only popular designs from factories all over the world. While the styles they offer are popular, Article itself is not a design leader in the space.  They do, however, curate a large selection of stylish sofas that meet a wide variety of aesthetic preferences for a $1,200+ budget.

Customer Experience: ★★★★

Standard shipping costs $49 for every order and the company accepts returns within 30-days.  Many of the new online companies are embracing low friction and reasonably priced delivery options, with a range of delivery options.   You can choose from the no frills delivery option for $49 to your doorstep, $99 in-room delivery, or $169 full delivery and setup.  The products come in large heavy boxes, so the options are helpful.  Shipping times vary by several weeks depending on what is ordered.

Sustainability & Safety: ★★.5

Article provides no information about how sustainable or safe their products are. Much of this likely stems from the fact that their upholstered products are made all over the world so it’s tough to maintain consistency, but nevertheless a lack of transparency typically means that a company either doesn’t know the answer or it’s not a good answer.

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