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Overall       Rating | 2.9

The Larkinhurst Sofa Signature Design by Ashley references classical aesthetic, with its rolled arms and faux wood feet. The worn faux leather facade exudes a welcoming ambiance into any parlor room, study or entertainment room.





While Ashley Furniture makes the Larkinhurst Sofa, it is sold by multiple third party vendors including Amazon, Wayfair and other online outlets. The Larkinhurst Sofa is listed by Wayfair as the Bessemer Sofa; so this couch review is technically serves as a Bessemer Sofa review as well as a Larkinhurst sofa review.  Also of note, the Ashley Tallow Earth line matches the Larkinhurst.  Therefore, it would be aesthetically pleasing  if you wanted to match a Tallow Earth loveseat and a Larkinhurst sofa bed.

Style & Design: ★★★


The Larkinhurst Sofa is fashioned after an English sofa design, which is defined by its large plump cushions, and rounded arms and edges. It features tacked metal buttons that outline its rounded shape.


The curved armrests measure out to over 6 inches and can serve as extra seating if you are hosting guests and have limited furniture. The large arms do sacrifice some sitting room. I am 5’9” and my head and toes nearly touched both sides when I lay down.


In terms of moving or rearranging your space, the Larkinhurst couch is large and heavy, requiring movers to transport it.  


The rounded english style and southwest-inspired worn leather look makes the Larkinhurst sofa ideal for informal and relaxed settings.


Comfort:  ★★.5


The pillows provide plenty of back support; however, in my opinion the abundance of pillow fluff detracted from the comfort afforded by the frame.


The back cushions on the Larkinhurst couch are large and on the softer side, whereas the bottom cushions are medium to firm. You can remove the seat cushions; however, as commonly found in English roll arm furniture, the back cushions are attached to the sofa.  


I felt like the back cushions stuck out too much, which reduced the depth of the sofa.  Additionally, since the back cushions are attached you can’t remove them to get more room if you want to sleep on the couch. This also makes them difficult to clean.


Three people can comfortably sit on the sofa.


Customization: ★★★.5


I purchased the Larkinhurst 3 seater sofa. The Larkinhurst couch can also be purchased as a a Larkinhurst recliner chair, a Larkinhurst loveseat, a Larkinhurst sectional, and a Larkinhurst sleeper sofa.


The Larkinhurst is only available in a brown faux leather and there are no chaise lounge or ottoman options.


Quality: ★★.5


The materials used in the Larkinhurst Sofa Signature Design by Ashley are functional, but not as good quality as higher priced brands.


Frame: The frame is made of plywood and composite board.

Fabric: The brown faux leather fabric is comprised of 95 percent polyester and 5 percent polyurethane. I noticed that the fabric could be scratched with a key or loose button, which posed more risk of scuffing than alternative sofas.

Cushions: The cushions are filled with a poly foam and pocket coils. As a bonus, Ashley furniture includes two throw pillows free of cost. These throw pillows are two sided - faux leather on one side and a floral pattern on the other - made with polyester and filled with a poly foam.

Legs: the legs are attached to the sofa with a long screw and covered with a faux wood finish. They are made of compressed particle board and finished with a varnish. They appeared sturdy; however, I question their durability if pressure was applied at an angle rather than directly from above.

Overall quality: while the Larkinhurst sofa will certainly hold up to typical everyday use; however, the materials are inexpensive and not top quality.


Sustainability & Wellness:


The Larkinhurst couch complies with the AHFA standard and all federal and California state safety standards. I didn’t find any sustainability criteria or certifications listed on the Ashley Furniture website or on any of their third party retailer websites. Sales representatives I spoke with didn’t have specific information on VOC content or the materials sourcing.


Delivery and Assembly: ★★★.5


There was no assembly required and delivery options vary based on the retail outlet you purchase the sofa from.


When I purchased the Larkinhurst Sofa from Wayfair I added the in home delivery option for $19.99. I was supposed to receive a call 30 minutes before delivery. The call came about 20 minutes before. I showed up about 20 minutes late and unfortunately the delivery person left the sofa in front of my door. I had to hire a couple of workers to help me get it into the apartment because the sofa is quite heavy and cumbersome to move.


That said, if the delivery person had called with a longer lead time and I had arrived on time, I’m sure delivery would have been smoother. This also does not reflect on the Larkinhurst sofa itself.


What Customers Are Saying:★★★★.4 (309 reviews)


This section features customer reviews from Ashley Furniture, Wayfair and Amazon websites. Sofa Selectos did not write these sofa reviews; they are meant to provide a representative sample of what other people who have lived with the sofa think about it.


Cushions wearing quickly: ★★★

“I purchased couch, loveseat, and recliner about 1 1/2 yrs ago and find that the back cushions on the couch are wearing unevenly. It's almost like the cushion is all falling to the bottom of the cushion. Great for lumbar I guess, but find myself constantly trying to "fluff" it back up. Loved my prior Ashley purchases, this one, not so much.” - by forgetmenot_shell on Ashley Furniture. Read more Larkinhurst couch customer reviews on Ashley Furniture.


Great Sofa: ★★★★ “I was very pleased when I saw the sofa. It has an elegant look and nice detail. Cushions were stiff but softened...” - by Margo. Read more Larkinhurst sofa customer reviews on Wayfair.


Perfect alternative to leather!: ★★★★★“I love this! I made the decision to go with this fabric after a lot of research...The fabric hold ups to the dogs, does not scratch. The cushions not only are flippable, they can also be switched around, in order to provide even wear.

...We have now owned this couch and the matching loveseat for over 2 years. It has held up perfectly! It still looks new. Any spot has wiped off with a damp cloth. I can't believe what I paid for this great quality.

As I've been shopping for a long time for the perfect replacement, I actually spoke to the salesman at Ashley. He stated it is one of their most popular sofas on the floor.

The color is kind of a warm taupe. It blends with the colonial yellow on my walls and the cool taupe brick of my fireplace. It reminds me of an old worn bomber jacket worn by the airforce 50 years ago.

The pillows are a nice extra! They reverse of the print side is the leather look fabric in a nice diamond pattern - very expensive looking.

This is the best! I'm thrilled to find it at this wonderful price, too - in store it would have been considerably more expensive.” - by LaurieJ. Read more Larkinhurst sofa customer reviews on Amazon.


Value: ★★★


Ashley Furniture lists the Larkinhurst 3 seater sofa for $1150 and offers a 30 percent discount for purchases from their retail outlets, which dropped the price to $805. The 3 seater Larkinhurst sofa is available on Wayfair for $641.99 and on Amazon for $592.24 with free shipping for Amazon Prime members. The Rockefeller Recliner ($415.99) and the Larkinhurst sleeper sofa ($786.18) are also sold on Amazon Prime.  


Note that due to the wide array of vendors, prices do vary. At the time of this sofa review, the lowest price I found was on Bulkea. The Ashley Larkinhurst Sofa was listed for $499.99 plus $47.50 for CA tax and $30.00 for shipping, which totals $577.49. I have never purchased anything from Bulkea and cannot speak to their customer service.


Ashley Furniture will match third party retailer pricing; however, it will not match delivery charges. Ashley has a $69.99 delivery fee. The furniture maker also offers a $50, 5-year limited warranty.


Overall, given the welcoming design, sturdy body and relatively low price, the Ashley Larkinhurst sofa is decent value for the money.


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