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$845  -  $1,745| 4.5

Burrow is an e-commerce direct-to-consumer company aiming to improve the sofa buying and moving experience. 


The company sources all materials and manufactures its products in the United States. It also holds a number of Sustainability and Safety criteria.

The product catalogue is limited to a single style and five colors; however, it can be adjusted into multiple configurations. 





(Image credit: Burrow)

The company’s story, price point and easy-to-move modular design makes Burrow a comfortable, versatile and affordable option for millennials, as well as sofa shoppers of all ages.


To read a detailed review of the Burrow 3 seater sofa check out the Sofa Selector Burrow Sofa Review.


Without further ado here’s the Burrow brand review.

Quality: ★★★★.5


All of Burrow’s materials are made in the USA and manufactured in North Carolina.  


The frames are made from Maple, Oak and “sheathing grade  5-layer yellow pine plywood,” sourced from Mississippi and Louisiana.


The fabrics are made from stain resistant, tear resistant, upcycled polypropylene and aren’t treated with chemicals (more on this in the Sustainability and Safety section).


The cushions are made of polyfoam certified by CertiPUR-US, which means the foam is void of toxic chemicals and contains volatile organic compound VOC content of less than 0.5 parts per million.


Burrow prides itself on the durability and longevity of its sofas, which it verifies with extensive durability testing.


The Burrow tested its frame, cushions and fabric by dropping a sofa from 10 feet high onto a cement floor, simulating a 300 pound person sitting on the couch 50,000 times and creating a 3D animal claw to scratch the fabric 2,500 times.


The brand also exceeded industry standard fabric durability standards such as the Martindale and Wyzenbeek tests. Of note, a “durable” fabric passes 15,000 rounds of the Wyzenbeek double rub test; Burrow withstood 30,000 rounds.


Design: ★★★★.5


Burrow’s flagship design is crafted in a classic mid century modern style. It’s sleek lines, tight upholstery and historical reference make in an attractive furniture element in both home and office settings.


What’s more, the sofa cushions can be flipped from tufted to smooth, so you can alter the design with your mood.


Another nice aspect of the modular design is that you can add to your sofa or adjust it to suite your changing furniture needs. If you decide you want to add a chaise lounge after a few months, no problem.


Although the Burrow sofa can be set up in a number of configurations, the brand only sells a single design and 5 color options.  In other words, the product catalogue is limited.


The company is relatively new and as it expands it will likely increase its sofa style options.


In short, Burrow sofas have a classic design and functional flexibility; however, the brand only offers one sofa style.


Customer Experience: ★★★★★


The Burrow buying experience is simple and straightforward. It was easy to select the the configuration and fabric on the website.


The company sends a post-purchase email confirmation and a message with tracking information once your sofa is shipped.  You can choose to have the couch dropped off in front of your door or require a signature.


Burrow offers free 7-day shipping (which was not included by many other brands) and has a 30-day no obligation return policy. If you don’t want the sofa you can return it free of charge.


The only thing that would have improved the buying and moving experience for me would be a phone call to schedule a time delivery time; although I was able to contact UPS to get a time window for drop off. Timing wouldn’t have been an issue if I selected the option that did not require a signature.


Setting up the Burrow sofa was easier than I thought. It took about 20 minutes to set up the first time I did it. The second time it only took 9 minutes. I was also able to fit the entire 3 seater into the back of my Prius with the driver and passenger seat completely empty.

The customer service representatives are a tweet, text, or call away with a friendly, supportive person on the other end. This was a large differentiation as we approached other brands.


Overall, the free shipping, hassle free returns and quick assembly made the Burrow brand buying and moving experience a breeze.


Sustainability & Safety: ★★★★


When talking about sustainability and safety in the furniture industry it’s important to note the wide spectrum amongst products on the market.  

That said, the most sustainable new sofas are made of from renewable or upcycled framing and fabric as well as natural latex cushions. Natural latex sofas typically cost $5000 + dollars, which is well above the price point for sofas made by mid to high-end mainstream furniture companies.


Baring natural latex sofas, the Burrow brand is one of the most sustainable sofa options on the market under the $2000 price point.


The company strictly uses wood from sustainably certified forests. Certifiers include the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the American Tree Farm System (ATFS) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).


The fabrics are made of Olefin by Burrow’s partner Revolution fabrics. Olefin is an upcycled polymer byproduct produced in oil refining process. The fabrics are not stained, rather their color is derived from naturally occurring shades that run throughout the threads. This means they are stain resistant and void of chemical dyes.   The Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s Higgs Index rates Olefin as the most sustainable upholstery fabric.


The cushions are made of a polyfoam, but they are certified by CertiPUR-US, which guarantees minimal amounts of chemical off gassing.


The couches contain no formaldehyde, PBDs, fire retardants, ozone depleters, chemical fabric treatments or heavy metals. The cushions contain a slight amount of VOC content, which does not exceed 0.5 parts per million.


What’s more, Burrow’s modular design makes it possible to take your sofa with you when you move, which increases the lifetime use of the couch, although that is ultimately up to each individual. The longer you have a sofa, the more sustainable it is.


Overall, Burrow’s public commitment to transparency, safety and sustainability, and sourcing eco-friendly materials in its frames and fabrics make it a healthy and environmentally sound option compared to many other furniture brands on the market.


Customer Ratings: ★★★★.5 (137 reviews)


This is a representative sample from reviews found on the Burrow website. Click here to read more reviews.

★★★★ “Perfect combination of comfort, style, and convenience” - Looks fantastic as a centerpiece in my living room. I love the style and shade of blue! Guests who have sat on it are always surprised by how comfortable it is, too. Our first guest actually spilled coffee on our new couch, and initially I panicked, but the fabric was easy to clean with water and it left no permanent stain. The delivery process was totally seamless -- boxes were delivered to my doorman building a couple days before I moved in, just like normal packages. I was able to put it together immediately when I arrived at my apartment without having to unpack any tools, which was pretty awesome. It was a little overwhelming at first after you unpack all the boxes and have pieces laying everywhere, but the illustrated instructions are easy to follow and I had it put together in no time. Such a huge difference from the hours it took me and my roommate to put together a couch from Ikea (which actually required 2 people because of all the heavy lifting vs. Burrow which can easily be assembled solo). The hidden power cube under the couch is a nice bonus -- I like being able to charge a laptop or phone while sitting on the couch without having to use ugly extension cords.” By Andi.


Overall, the Burrow brand makes sofas that are easy to move and can be rearranged to suit the customers needs. They are made in the USA with materials that have been tested for durability and certified to meet or exceed safety and sustainability benchmarks. There is a limited product catalogue; but the sofas are high quality and the customer service is great. 

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