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Crate & Barrel


$499   -   $6,699 | 4.0

Crate & Barrel has a vast selection of stylish classically designed sofas made in the USA and abroad.  The company also sources some sustainable materials. 


Price tags are often on the higher end and the furniture tends to be large and heavy. 





(Image credit: Crate & Barrel)

Quality: ★★★★.5


Many of Crate & Barrel's sofa frames are benchmade in America and covered with a lifetime warranty. The couches are crafted with domestic and imported materials.  The frames are made with hardwood and bound with quality joint configuration. 

The fabric selection includes poly blends, leather, cotton blends.

Cushions contain corn and soy-based polyfoam, down ticking and tend to be substantially durable.



Crate & Barrel's sofa selection features classic designs as well as modern styles. The brand works with third party suppliers to develop its products.


Crate & Barrel has a wide assortment of options in configurations, fabrics and colors. 

Customer Experience: ★★★★

The online shopping experience was painless. Crate & Barrel followed up with an email and and phone call to schedule delivery.

Deliveries for in stock sofas typically take one to two weeks. Crate & Barrel offers a 7-day trial period and 30-day returns. If you order a custom couch, wait times and prices increase, and you can't return the sofa.

Crate & Barrel charges $99 to $299 for shipping. Crate & Barrel provides white glove delivery, which is good because the furniture is typically large and difficult to move.

Additionally, the staff was friendly and helped me through scheduling and returns. 


Sustainability & Safety: ★★★

Crate & Barrel's website says the  majority of upholstered furniture frames are made with "certified sustainable" wood; however the do not specify by whom they are certified by.  Some of the product pages mention Forrest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifications.

The furniture maker also uses foam made from 20 percent soy and or corn and 80 percent petroleum.  While these require less energy and fossil fuel to manufacture than what's called petroleum-based foam, they are not as sustainable as natural latex. That said, the soy and corn-based foam is a step towards a more sustainable future.  

Crate & Barrel does not publicly display VOC content or chemical treatment specifics on its products. 

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