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Ikea Kivik  Sofa Review


Overall       Rating | 3.1

Quick Overview: Relaxed look. Beware, configurations vary in comfort. The 3-seat sofa starts at $499 + shipping and taxes.

The KIVIK sofa is modeled after the modern style with a focus on relaxed communal living. It’s plush cushions and wide arms make it a solid option for families and casual living spaces.  Of note, however, different KIVIK models vary in comfort. Learn more in the Sofa Selector IKEA KIVIK Sofa Review.


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Style & Design: ★★★★

The KIVIK sofa has a causal and functional style. Its low laying frame and cushioned arms exude a welcoming invitation to sit back and relax.


The majority of fabric options can be removed for easy cleaning and the seat and back cushions are reversible.


What’s more, the KIVIK ottoman has a convenient storage space below the cushion.


Overall, the IKEA KIVIK sofa is a contemporary couch designed for casual lounging.



IKEA KIVIK Sofa Review | Sofa Selector

IKEA KIVIK Sofa Review | Sofa Selector

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Comfort:  ★★★.5

The KIVIK series is a has medium firm seat and back cushions. While the KIVIK 3.5 seat model felt roomy and plush, I wasn’t as pleased with the the 5-seat corner sectional. The smaller seat cushions made the seats feel less giving and supportive, as if it were a completely different sofa.  The KIVIK Sofa with Chaise Lounge was also more comfortable than models with more narrow seat cushions, yet not as comfortable as the 3.5 seater.


Of note, while the 3.5 seat is certainly the most comfortable of the series, the two seat configuration could be uncomfortable for a middle seater because there are two seat cushions.


The entire IKEA KIVIK sofa collection accept for the stand alone chaise and ottoman have a depth of 37⅜ inches with soft back cushions and soft to medium firm seat cushions. It’s low and wide memory foam covered arms can serve as a head rest if you’re laying down with your feet up or an additional seat.


The back support is raised above the low lying armrests. Of note, the back height on the 3.5 seater stands 34¼ inches; whereas, the back height on other models is 32 ⅝ inches. Again, the variability in design across the collection influences the comfort of the sofas.


The 3.5 seater provided decent neck support although I did have to sink in a bit to have my neck fully supported. Neck support was worse on the other KIVIK sofa variations and, like most sofas, having an ottoman or chaise lounge improved comfort.


The fabric stock fabric was has a medium softness and tight weave, whereas other fabric options (discussed in the customization section) offer a softer and looser feel, or leather or faux leather textures.


Overall, the comfort throughout the KIVIK sofa series varies. I’d give the 3.5 seater 4 stars for comfort and the rest of the series 2.5 to 3 stars.


Sofa Selector Jed trying out the Barrett 2-piece sectional with chaise lounge

Customization: ★★★★

The IKEA KIVIK sofa collection is available in a variety of materials and configurations.  Given IKEA’s modular design, the arms of the KIVIK sofa are removable, which offers flexibility for add ons or reconfigurations.


In regards to fabric, the KIVIK sofas come stock with either ORRSTA light gray or the ORRSTA red, both of which are made of a poly/cotton blend.


The KIVIK series is also available in the soft tight weave of polyester (95% polyester) and nylon (5% nylon) called the  BORRED gray-green. IKEA also sells the KIVIK series in the HILLARED Anthracite, HILLARED Beige, HILLARED dark blue. The HILLARED fabric is a loose weave blend of cotton (55%), polyester (25%), viscose (12%) and rayon (8%).


Additionally, IKEA offers the KIVIK sofa in dark brown or black GRANN leather or BOMSTAD Faux leather fabrics. Both the GRANN and BOMSTAD options have fixed covers.


Note that the 3.5 seater is only available in the ORRSTA light gray, the HILLARED Anthracite and the HILLARED beige.


IKEA sells the KIVIK sofa collection in the following configurations. Note that price varies based on material choice:


KIVIK Sofas:

KIVIK Loveseat: 74¾”Wx37⅜”Dx32⅝”H (pre-tax price ranges from $449 to $879)

KIVIK 3 seat sofa: 89¾”Wx37⅜”Dx32⅝”H (pre-tax price ranges from $499 to $899)

KIVIK 3.5 seat sofa: 98⅜”Wx37⅜”Dx34¼”H (pre-tax price ranges from $599 to $749)

KIVIK sofa with chaise: 110¼”Wx37⅜/64¼”Dx32⅝”H (pre-tax price ranges from $699 to $1599)

KIVIK stand alone chaise lounge: 35⅜”Wx37⅜”Dx32⅝”H (pre-tax price ranges from $250 to $720)


KIVIK Ottoman:

KIVIK Ottoman with storage 35⅜”Wx27½”Dx 16⅞”H (pre-tax price ranges from $179 to $299)

IKEA KIVIK Sectional Sofas:

KIVIK 5 seat KIVIK corner sectional: 101⅛”Wx 116⅞/37⅜/64¼”Dx32⅝”H (pre-tax price ranges from $1049 to $1999)

KIVIK 5 seat KIVIK corner sectional with chaise lounge: 101⅛”Wx 152⅜/37⅜/64¼”Dx32⅝”H (pre-tax price ranges from $1299 to $2719)

KIVIK 6 seat KIVIK corner sectional with chaise lounge:101⅛”/144⅞”/101⅛”x37⅜”Dx32⅝”H:(pre-tax price ranges from $1599 to $3099)

KIVIK add on corner section:  90½”Wx36¼”Dx32⅝”H (pre-tax price ranges from $550 to $1100). Note that the corner section is like a loveseat with no arms and is made as an add on to other furniture.


Quality: ★★

While the IKEA KIVIK is crafted with modern style and decent comfortability, it lacks the quality of higher end furniture brands. IKEA doesn’t specify the origin of the KIVIK collection.


Here’s a more detailed look at the materials and construction of the KIVIK series.


Frame: The KIVIK is made of “Fiberboard, Plywood, Solid wood, and Particleboard”.


Fabric: As mentioned in the customization section above, the KIVIK fabrics come in a range of materials from cotton poly blends to polyester and nylon to a combination of polyester, cotton, viscose and rayon, to faux leather to regular leather.


Cushions: The seat cushions are made of polyurethane, polyurethane memory foam and polyester wadding. KIVIK back cushions are stuffed with polyester fiber puffs.


Overall quality:  Given the use of materials like particle board and polyester fiber, the IKEA KIVIK is not the best quality couch. That said, IKEA’s 10 year warranty does provide the shopper with some solace that the furniture won't break down immediately.


Inside of Galaxy Grey back cushion

Safety and Sustainability: ★★★


While the materials used to make the KIVIK collection are not very sustainable, they meet stringent california safety and sustainability regulations. IKEA also comes in excessive packaging. That said, the boxed transportation does reduce emissions from shipping because the sofas can be shipped in tighter spaces.

Delivery and Assembly: ★

Like all IKEA sofas, the KIVIK comes in numerous boxes. Depending on size and configuration, it could take anywhere from 45 minutes to 5 hours to assemble the sofa. IKEA offers free in store pick up or in home delivery starting at $39 plus tax.  IKEA will send someone to assemble the sofa in your home for $63 to $80 plus tax.


Ikea gives you the option to select a 12 hour delivery window. Shipping can be arranged for as soon as one week delivery.

Value: ★★★


Overall, the IKEA KIVIK 3.5 seater sofa is an affordable option for casual modern homes looking for a comfortable couch. That said, the other configurations of the KIVIK sofa collection are not as high backed, spacious and, in my opinion, as good of a purchase.  The relative low cost of the KIVIK makes it attractive for shoppers on a budget. Keep in mind that the quality is not as good as other some mid market and higher end brands, but those will set you back more money.Ultimately, you get what you pay for. If you are going to get the KIVIK, get the 3.5 seater, starting at $599 plus shipping and tax.


Perla of team Sofa Selector hard at work

What Customers Are Saying: ★★★ (Overall rating based on 6 customer reviews)

★★★★”This is not a family sofa But....I love this sofa I've been wanting one since it 1st came to Ikea what I have notice that it will age pretty fast with daily use my children are adults and have no pets and Its use minimally(1-3 a week) so it works for me its firm which I like I gave a 4 star for that reason easy to put together there are 100 of different covers colors and material on a another site that you can get for this particular sofa!!” - Highlandtown


★ Looks like a 10 year old couch after 3 months

Bought this couch in September after months of searching for the perfect couch. The size, shape and color of this couch is great, however, its resilience is not.

We noticed after the first week that the covers started sagging and wrinkling and the rear seat cushions were drooping. Now, after 3 months of moderate use, the rear seat cushions are in a constant sag and don't stand up on their own. It looks like we have had it for 10 years.

Maybe we got a dud, I'm not sure, but there is 0% chance of me recommending this couch to anyone else at the present time. Such a shame as out of the box it was beautiful.

Very disappointed from a long time Ikea shopper and advocate. - Oliverf


★★ “fabric wears down fast I bought new covers to make the sofa look newer , I bought this sofa plus the kivik chair that was smaller but for some reason I havent been able to find it online anymore so I wasn't able to find a new cover for that one . I am thinking about buying a new sofa instead of wasting money on the covers again .. its been less than a year but the covers look so old. The sofa is comfy though !” - SuBlu

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