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The Sofa Selector Story

Hello world. My name is Jed and I am the founder of Sofa Selector.

Sofa Selector's purpose is to increase transparency in the furniture industry by creating a community resource of unbiased reviews to help sofa shoppers find furniture that best suites their lifestyles.

Ultimately, we are here to do the heavy lifting - and lounging - so you can sit back, relax and find the right sofa as fast as possible.

At first, I figured that finding the perfect sofa would be pretty straight forward. Unfortunately, it’s more complicated than I imagined.

A long time ago….

It all started when my father asked me to help him find the perfect couch to replace his old one.

I had no idea there were so many options!

Don’t get me wrong, I love options. But with all the brands out there, limited online information and wide variety of price, quality, comfort, sustainability and other factors, it was hard for us to make a decision.

We visited over half a dozen stores but my father still hadn't found what he was looking for. After months of shopping, my dad finally decided to re-upholster and refill the sofa that he’d been living with since before I can remember.

In the end, it cost as much or more than a new sofa, but at least he found his goldilocks zone.

Although there’s something endearing about sticking with what you know, it dawned on me that finding a new couch shouldn’t be that hard.

You may say I’m a dreamer - or a lounger - but I’m not the only one. Everyone wants a stylish and comfortable couch.

I discussed the whole ordeal with a family member in the furniture industry, who told me about the various review sites that were coming up online. I searched the web and didn't find the kind of site that I would have wanted when helping my father find his couch.

After going through the whole rigamarole, I got pretty familiar with the key questions and features that make a quality sofa. So, I figured, ‘why not save other people the hassle by giving them the information that I wish my dad and I had when he was looking for a couch?’

Hence, the seed of Sofa Selector was sprouted.

What I’ve found is that the most important thing to clarify before choosing your tushy temple (yeah I just said that) is to narrow down the style of sofa you’re looking for.

Do you want a mid century modern 3 seater? Maybe you’d prefer an English sectional or a tufted chaise lounge. Have you seen the pleated Tuxedo options?

Once you get comfortable with that part, the search really begins.

That’s where Sofa Selector comes in.

What Sofa Selector has to offer

This site offers detailed sofa reviews of products that a Sofa Selector team member has personally ordered and spent significant amounts of time on.

We order each sofa online, live with it for a while, then return it to the company. Sometimes we receive discounted rates or free products, but every couch has been personally scrutinized and judged on the same rating system.

Sofa Selector also features brand reviews that touch upon overall quality, value, sustainability & safety, customer experience and other brand-related considerations.

What’s more, Sofa Selector will be publishing blogs on sofa industry trends and useful information for sofa shoppers.

We also invite seasoned sitters to submit their own sofa reviews to help other home decorators, interior designers and office managers find what they’re looking for.

My hope is that Sofa Selector becomes a community resource that not only provides much needed insight to couch curious consumers, but also influences sofa manufacturers to produce better products and offer superior services.

Upcoming Posts

In the weeks to come, Sofa Selector will produce the following blog posts. I am sharing this information to invite you to suggest other topic areas that you think we should cover.

  • A sofa style guide: This post will go over the common sofa styles and provide an overview of what's on the market.

  • What to look for when shopping for a sofa: This article focuses on the key considerations that everyone should think about when sofa shopping

  • Sofa sustainability and safety considerations: This post addresses the spectrum of sofas being sold today in regards to environmental impact and health implications, including what treatment and fire retardant chemicals you want to avoid.

  • Couch quality guide: This article will feature in depth research on what makes a quality sofa. It will also provide information on how to distinguish premium quality from crap and where to find the good stuff.

  • Couch culture: This post will sink into the culture around couches. We’ll cover everything from Queen Elizabeth's favorite tea time tuft to the casting couch craze and all that’s in between.

  • Industry trends: This article will address the sofa market, where it’s heading and how technology is getting the industry off its behind so you can get on yours..

Again, we’d love to hear from you! Please let us know if you’d like us to cover any other topics.

Additionally, if you’ve spent some serious cushion time on a couch that you want the world to know about we’d love to post your review.

Further, shoot us an email if you have any comments or questions about our reviews. We welcome your feedback and want this to be a community of couch potatoes and furniture buffs alike.

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