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Stone  & Beam Lauren Down Filled, Overstuffed Sofa 


Overall       Rating | 4.0

The Stone and Beam Lauren Down Filled Overstuffed Sofa  is one of the top selling couches on Amazon.  It's stand out features include its plushy cushions, deep seating and wide track arms.  We'll dive into the ins and outs of this comfortable couch in this Stone and Beam Lauren Down Filled Overstuffed sofa review.





Style & Design: ★★★★


The Stone & Beam Lauren Down Filled Overstuffed Sofa is fashioned after a relaxed modern design, making it an attractive choice for living rooms, parlors, entertainment rooms or even the office.


  Both the seat cushions and back cushions are removable and reversible, which makes cleaning and maintenance easier.  The thin white stitching also fits in with the slate gray color. The easy to clean covers make this a good choice for families.


I purchased the 74 inch model, which is 44.9 inches deep and 37.4 inches high. Of note, this is a fairly bulky sofa and requires two people to move it.  That said, it did fit through a standard door when the movers brought it inside. 

Comfort:  ★★★★.5

The Stone & Beam Lauren Down Filled Overstuffed Sofa is soft but supportive. Its poly-foam seat cushions are topped with a down ticking which gives a nice balance of support while also allowing your bottom to sink in. The back cushions are also covered in down ticking and very fluffy. 


This is a deep sofa, which makes it comfortable to really sink into it.  On the other hand, the back is on the shorter side, which could pose a problem for taller people looking to lean their head back. This issue can be eliminated by adding the ottoman and reclining further back into couch.

The 74 Inch model was comfortable enough to lay on horizontally (I'm 5' 9"); however, it is not long enough to sleep on. If you're looking to purchase this sofa as a living room centerpiece and a place for friends or family members to sleep, I would go with the 89" model. 

The arms are over 8 inches wide, which could provide extra seating in a pinch.  

The Lauren sofas are covered in a soft smooth fabric that feels nice on the skin. 

Overall, I'd say this is a relaxed and comfortable sofa. 

Customization: ★★.5

While the Stone and Beam Lauren Sofa is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, there are limited options when it comes to fabrics, colors and configurations.


The sofa is only offered in a Slate gray and a Fawn tan with the same fabric. 

In terms of configurations, the Lauren sofa is can be purchased as a 74" model,  89" model or as an arm chair. You can also add an ottoman, but there's no chaise lounge or sectional sofa options. 

Quality: ★★★

The  Stone & Beam does not release where its products are manufactured.

Frame: The frame is constructed with hardwood. The type of wood was not specified. The seat cushions are supported with a metal spring frame.

Fabric: The fabric is a stain resistant, moisture resistant poly-nylon blend.

Cushions: The cushions are stuffed with poly-foam and down

Legs: The low laying legs are constructed out of hardwood and come with plastic tabs to prevent scratching the flooer

Overall quality: Overall, the sofa feels well made and sturdy.

Safety and Sustainability: ★★


Stone & Beam has not released information regarding materials sourcing, VOC output, transportation methods recycling or other safety and sustainability metrics.

That said, the fabric and cushions meet California safety standards, which are the strictest in the United States. 

Delivery and Assembly: ★★★★


The Stone & Beam Lauren Sofa comes with free shipping and delivery. There's an easy to use delivery scheduling option at check out and the sofa was delivered within 5 days of when I ordered it. 

When the movers arrived they brought the sofa inside the home and left it in a box. I had to take it out of the box, which was easy to do with an small knife.


What Customers Are Saying: ★★★★.8 (Overall rating based on 28 customer reviews)

This is a representative sample of customer reviews from Amazon.

★★★★★"A Beautifully Built Lounging Chair From Stone & Beam: This 46 in overstuffed chair has so far proven to be a solidly built, quality piece of furniture. The chair comes with a seat cushion and a back pillow cushion that have so far retained their shape. In many cases, these separate pieces tent to either settle or bunch within the first month of use. These are usually filled with synthetic cotton material that requires annual restuffing. In this case, the down-filled backing has maintained its overstuffed appearance and remains comfortable. Additionally, the white thread stitching throughout is tight and blends nicely with the fawn color.

We have dogs, cats, and kids – all the ingredients necessary to destroy light-colored furniture in a matter of days. So far the chair has been subjected to wet and/or muddy dog paws, as well as one or two water spills. The fawn colored fabric cleaned quickly with just a rag and water with no residual staining. Past furniture I’ve owned has either retained a water stain or lost some of its color. It could be that I got to these spills quickly, but the fact that it cleaned up as if nothing happened is ever so convenient. We’ll see if that ability lasts for an extended period of time." - By James Coma

★★★"More pleased with this couch then the dozens of in-store couches I visited and sat on:  I was super unsure of buying a couch just by pictures. How many times have I walked into a furniture store, sat on 30 couches, and liked the comfort and feel of just 2? I had literally bought another couch at a local store, but I cancelled it last minute, and took a chance with Amazon because it was down-filled and it was Amazon, and I am glad I did. Delivery came right on time, guys didn't help unpack though, so I spent a good 10 minutes opening it up. I had sat on and touched dozens of couches in stores, and looking back, I am happiest with this Stone&Beam. It is very generous in size, very comfortable, appears well made and sturdy, material feels durable. I fell asleep on it after coming home from work and thinking I would just rest for a while, and my kitten napped next to me. Will update as time goes on to see if anything changes. Given the quality and materials, it's a good price!" - By CuriousLlama


★★★"A Great Value with just a couple minor issues that may not matter to most buyers: This couch is a great value. It is a comfortable sofa that seems very durable to wear. It is a great sandy color, pretty much exactly what it looks like in the pictures. There are only a couple of things about it that can be improved. First, the arms are very hard, with very little padding and uncomfortable to wrest on, so forget laying your head on them at all without a thick pillow. Second, if a person sits in or near the middle, where the cushions meet, it is easy to fall into the gap as the martial in the cushions pushes to the left or right fairly easy.

Other than that, its hard to see how you could get a better value delivered right to your home so easily. Just be prepared to deal with a lot of cardboard and plastic left over from the packing container." - By Woodrow


Value: ★★★★


The 74" Stone & Beam Lauren Down Filled Overstuffed Sofa is available exclusively from Amazon for $899.00 plus tax, which came out to a total of $984.41 You can also purchase the 89' for $999.00 plus tax.  

As previously mentioned, the sofa comes with free shipping. It also includes a 30 day money back return policy and a 3 year warranty. Amazon also offers 12 month interest free financing with the Amazon Store Card.

Overall, given the attractive yet simple design, plush, deep and comfortable cushions and sturdy construction, I'd say the Stone & Beam Lauren sofa is good value for the asking price.

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