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$210   -   $18,768 | 3.9

Simply put, you can find just about any type of furniture on Wayfair. The couch selection ranges from dirt cheap to wildly expensive. The company carries every brand outside of major retailers (West Elm, CB2, etc.) and new brands (Burrow, Joybird, etc.).





(Image credit: Wayfair)

While the wide variety of options can be a positive, it’s challenging to understand the differences between couches. If you’re on a budget though, you can usually find something that matches your style if you’re willing to take a risk on quality and experience.



Quality: ★★★★

Unlike a traditional retailer that has a specific price range,  Wayfair has a wide range of pricing and quality options to support interested buyers.  Researching the product construction, fabric, and other materials is important as you search through the different brands on Wayfair, of which there are hundreds.

Design: ★★★★.5

As with the large range of quality options, there is an equally large range of designs on Wayfair.  Traditional retailers offer a more curated selection of Sofas whereas Wayfair offers tremendous selection to search through.   Research and commitment is required to find the right design.   

Customer Experience: ★★★★


Shipping is fast and free on most orders.  Returns require more time with the Customer Service team and requires you to pay a fee for returns.

The selection of Sofas is quite extensive, so arriving with an idea or committing to spend time reviewing the styles, configurations, and prices takes a little time.  The products are supported by a large amount detail, so you have the opportunity to understand construction and key attributes.  Questions still arise, so you can call customer experience to get more detail. 

Sustainability & Safety: ★★.5

Given the extensive list of vendors, sustainability and safety are product specific and requires research.   The information about each product varies, so it may require a call to the help line.

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