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West Elm


$440   -   6,595 |4.0

West Elm is one of the most stylish brands in upholstered furniture. The furniture-maker also offers a wide array of custom sofa options, which afford the shopper more control over fabrics, configurations and models.


On the other hand, West Elm recently fielded media attention over durability and customer experience complaints. They also lack transparency in regards to sustainability and safety considerations. 





(Image credit: West Elm)

Quality: ★★★★

West Elm’s upholstered furniture is made in a variety of locations around the world, including Vietnam, Mississippi and North Carolina. While most of their fabrics are of decent quality, the frames and cushions don’t necessarily last. The recall that the company had on their popular Peggy collection due to quality issues  cost the brand and slightly tarnished its public image.

Design: ★★★★★

West Elm is known for having the sleekest and latest designs in furniture, as well as for curating the classics. They are best in class from a design perspective.


Customer Experience: ★★★★

For every sofa line, West Elm offers almost too many ways to customize. For those who like to control every detail, this is a plus. If you order a “quick ship” item, which there are not many of, you can expect to get your couch in 2-4 weeks. Otherwise expect 6-12 week shipping, and you cannot return “custom” (aka not “quick ship”) items. Delivery costs a couple hundred dollars plus or more, depending on the item. Like most traditional furniture retailers, West Elm’s products are challenging to move (big and bulky).

Sustainability & Safety: ★★.5


While West Elm offers some fabrics made from recycled plastics and doesn’t add any additional flame retardant chemicals to their fabrics, the company does not always provide as much information around how sustainable or around safety.  

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