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Overall         Rating | 4.0

West Elm has dozens of sofas to choose from. I ordered the Hamilton 81” 3 seater in salt and pepper tweed because of its stylish 1950’s aesthetic and neutral tone, which makes it an appealing element in contemporary living spaces.

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(Image credit: West Elm)

In my opinion, the stylized design and attention to detail - from the almond finished legs, to the smooth lines of the tailored arms - are the top selling points of the West Elm Hamilton sofa.

However, there are many other features worth mentioning; so, let's sit a little deeper into the West Elm Hamilton sofa review.

Style & Design: ★★★★★

The Hamilton 81” couch is constructed in a mid-century modern fashion and would fit nicely into both home and office environments.

The cushions are removable and reversible, which makes them easy to dry clean.  


Its 81” by 36” 3 seat design makes it suitable as a living room sofa centerpiece. At the same time, the 81” Hamilton is slightly shorter than many comparable sofas, but still offers enough room for three people to sit on it comfortably. This is an added bonus for people living in apartments or smaller homes, who want to have an appealing lounge environment but don’t want their sofa to take over the entire room.

Comfort:  ★★★★.5

Overall, the West Elm Hamilton sofa is on the softer side and is quite comfortable.


The back cushions are made of a fibrous poly fill, which gives them a soft, supportive, and yielding quality. The bottom cushions are firm but not rigid, which provides more support when reclining for an extended period.


The salt and pepper tweed fabric has a wool-like feel, which looks nice but was slightly abrasive on bare skin. That said, West Elm offers over 85 different fabric variations and will send you swatches of any fabric that you want for free so you can pick the right one.


It’s important to note that for the Hamilton sofa, the 7 day return policy for Quick Ship items is only valid for the salt and pepper tweed and the silver luster velvet, not for any custom fabrics.


Customization: ★★★★★


As mentioned, the Hamilton 3 seat 81” sofa is available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics. Fabric customization is offered for an additional fee; however, custom sofas cannot be returned and take longer to be delivered.

The Hamilton collection also features a 56” loveseat, a 2-piece chaise lounge, a 2-piece sectional and a build your own leather option.

The variety of configurations and fabrics makes the West Elm Hamilton sofa easy to customize to your liking.

Quality: ★★★★

The Hamilton sofa is manufactured in Vietnam and all quality control, health and sustainability inspections are conducted there.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the materials used in the West Elm Hamilton couch:


Frame: The frame is made from combination of poplar, pine and plywood.


Fabric: The salt and pepper tweed fabric is constructed with 90 percent polyester and 10 percent linen. The fabric has a textured weave that gives it a vintage look.


Cushions: The seat cushions are made of 75 percent polyurethane foam padding, 20 percent polyester batting, 4 percent polyester fiber batting, and 1 percent down.  The back cushions are constructed with 95 percent polyester fiber and 5 percent down.


Legs:  There are 4 legs made of quality poplar wood with an almond finish.


Overall Construction: The fabric weave is a bit looser than other fabrics I’ve tried. The lack of a center leg makes me concerned sag over time; however, the shorter dimensions of the sofa make it sturdier than larger 4 legged couches without a center support leg.  


Sustainability: ★★

Although West Elm has a growing selection of organic, local, and sustainably sourced products, the salt and pepper tweed Hamilton sofa does not feature any sustainability certifications.

That said, the sofa “contains no added flame retardant chemicals” and is available in multiple eco fabrics weaved with 70 percent recycled plastic bottles.

For more information on sustainability and health at West Elm, check out our West Elm brand review.

Delivery and Assembly: ★★★★


Although the website says that shipping for in stock items takes 1 to 2 weeks, to my delight, my sofa arrived within a week.

What’s more, I received a phone call from West Elm customer service after purchasing the sofa and arranged a several hour delivery window. They also confirmed by email and called a half hour before delivery.  It’s worth mentioning that the delivery did add an additional $229 to the purchase price.


West Elm provides hassle free white glove delivery, which made the assembly painless.


What Customers Are Saying: NA


West Elm doesn’t allow customer reviews on its website. We did find some customer reviews of the brand from around the web, which you can read on the Sofa Selector West Elm Brand review.


Value: ★★★.5


I purchased the West Elm Hamilton 81” 3-seater sofa for a total of $1669.34.  The sofa itself cost me $1,299.00, plus $229.00 for shipping and processing, and $141.34 for tax.


West Elm offers financing options on orders over $750.00 via the West Elm Credit Card.


A few weeks after purchasing the West Elm Hamilton 81” sofa in salt and pepper tweed, I checked the West Elm website and saw that they had a special offer of $909.00, plus shipping and tax, for the same sofa.  So, if you’re looking for the best deal it’s worth monitoring the price for a couple weeks to see if it changes. Also, look out for seasonal and promotional sales.


West Elm’s prices are slightly lower than other premium sofa brands like Crate & Barrell and Restoration Hardware, but more expensive than lower cost furniture retailers and the continued growth of online sofa or furniture vendors.

Overall, the West Elm 3-seater Hamilton sofa is crafted with excellent design sensibility, offers prime comfort, and is available in many fabrics and configurations.  I’d say the price tag is a bit inflated for what else is on the market; however, the frequent sales offer good discounts for value shoppers.





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