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Burrow 3 Seater


Overall       Rating | 4.5

Burrow is focused on simplifying the sofa shopping experience by offering flexibility, customization, and great customer service. 

While there are many nuances to the Burrow sofa that we'll discuss in the sofa review below, the modular design and mobility of the couch are defining characteristics that distinguish it from other brands and sofas.




Style & Design: ★★★★★


The Burrow 3 seater couch is based on a mid-century modern style.  The well designed sofa becomes a centerpiece of any room to compliment all types of decor. The 3 seat sofa is 36 inches wide and 86 inches long.


The Burrow couch has a modular design and can be put together in 15 to 20 minutes. The modular design not only makes it easy to transport the Burrow sofa when you move without hiring movers (the entire thing fit into my Prius with the driver and passenger seats open), but also makes it easy to rearrange your living space.

Another nice design feature is the hidden cube with USB and electricity outlets under the sofa, which enables you to charge up while you chill out.


Burrow’s classic design makes it an appealing option for office settings as well as fashion-focused home decorators. Its versatility affords convenient transport and storage.  Ultimately, the Burrow sofa is especially great for people with a transient lifestyle who move every couple of years.


Comfort:  ★★★★

The Burrow is plush and soft to sit on but doesn’t totally sink in when you sit on it. While it is on the firmer side, the Burrow is still a comfortable couch. I enjoyed several hours of movie watching and hanging out.


The cushions offer solid lumbar support and positioned my body (I’m 5’9”) well when I sitting with my feet on the ground. I ordered the 23 inch armrests, which lined up nicely with the side table and were appropriately situated for me to rest my arm. Three people fit comfortably on the couch.


When laying with my feet up, I moved the back cushion under my head, which gave me more room to sprawl out. My girlfriend did the same. We laid with our heads across from one another and fit well.


Essentially, it’s not a deep cushion or fluffy couch; however, it supported my body well and I was completely comfortable spending several hours on the sofa.

Customization: ★★★★

The Burrow can be purchased in a wide variety of configurations from a one seater armchair to a 4 seater “King Sofa”. You can also add an ottoman or chaise lounge.


The sofa comes in 5 colors, including beige, burgundy, salt and pepper, navy, and charcoal.

You can choose high arms (30” from the ground) or low arms (23” from the ground).


The cushions are smooth on one side and tufted on the other, which allows you to change the style as you see fit. The cases can also be removed for easy washing. Each section is bound together by metal clips that secure any combination into one solid piece. 


The Burrow has a decent variety of options that allow you to make it the custom couch that you are looking for.

Quality: ★★★★.5


Quality sofas are determined made of quality materials and crafted with care. All of Burrow’s materials is made in the USA, which improves quality control.

Here are the materials used to make the Burrow Sofa.


Frame: The frame is constructed with a mix of Oak, Maple and "sheathing grade 5-layer southern yellow pine plywood."


Fabric: The fabric is a tight weaved Olefin, derived from upcycled polymers. The fabric is not stained, but instead it’s made from the color of the base polymer. 


Cushions: The cushions are made from a durable polyurethane foam. According to the manufacturer, after the simulated sitting test, the sofa was indented a 4th of an inch, softening the cushions without showing visible signs of use.


Legs: There are two metal legs under each section, which provide support in the middle and help to avoid sag after years of use.

Overall Construction: The fabric is construed with a tight weave, the joints are bound with metal clips, and the legs are positioned beneath each seat cushion. Overall, the burrow sofa is a quality sofa with durable construction.  


Health and Sustainability: ★★★★


Burrow materials are made in the USA. The wood comes from sustainably managed forests. The fabrics are derived from a upcycled poly fill. And the foam cushions are certified to CertiPUR-US, guaranteeing they’re made without ozone depleters, flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and have no more than 0.5 ppm VOC content.


You can learn more about sustainability at Burrow in the Sofa Selector Burrow sofa brand review.


Delivery and Assembly: ★★★★.5


Burrow’s free shipping and returns policy is a major plus. As promoted on their website, the couch was delivered within one week of when I placed my order.


The company sent the UPS tracking information to my email. There was one complication with the delivery scheduling. That is, there wasn't an option to schedule a 3 hour window and I did have to look up the number for UPS and call them to get a time estimate on when the sofa would arrive.  


That said, Burrow does give you the option to have the boxes dropped in front of your door instead of requiring a signature. Had I done that, I wouldn’t have had to wait for the delivery.


The checkout process was straightforward and simple to navigate.

The assembly was surprisingly easy. I was able to put the 3 seater together in ~10 minutes.

Value: ★★★★.5

The 3 seater is priced at $1195, but 1-week delivery is free (which other brands often charge for).

The Burrow 3 seater is less expensive than comparable sofas from high-end furniture brands like Crate & Barrel and West Elm, but a little more expensive than lower priced furniture makers like Ikea.

Considering the high-quality materials, flexible design, customization options, sustainable product sourcing and the fact that it’s made in the USA, the Burrow sofa is great value for the money.

What Customers Are Saying: ★★★★.5 (137 reviews)

This is a representative samples taken from reviews on the Burrow website. You can read more customer reviews here.  

★★★★★ Great sofa! “We wanted something a bit mid-century modern that was comfortable, yet easy to sit on and stand up from. We also live up a skinny staircase with smaller-than-average doors. When we heard about the cleverly designed Burrow sofa, I knew it was the solution. The boxes weren't difficult to get up the stairs and set-up was a breeze. One of the foot thumb screws was missing, but David in customer service sent me another within a few days and it wasn't enough to keep us from using it right away. And best of all? It's comfortable! We can easily get four people on it, the cushions are comfy but structured, and although it's substantial once assembled, it is still light enough to move around when needed. I'm going to add a few bright throw pillows to complete it. Cons: The power cord is not quite long enough to hit our nearest plug, so we linked it to a power strip. Also, Burrow doesn't ship to our locale, so we used a freight forwarder and had to pick up the boxes near the airport in a friend's truck. Overall, a 5-star sofa and buying experience!” By Bethany.

★★★★★”Great Sofa So Far - Great sofa, easy to bring up into my walk up apartment. The cushions are a bit stiff, but overall very satisfied with my purchase.” - By Wai.

★★★★”Great product, back of house could be better.. - The communication regarding the delivery process/updates could be smoother.” - By Jason.



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