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Overall       Rating | 3.7

Ikea is known for making reasonably priced, practical, and simplistic furniture.  The Ikea Vimle sofa is no different. The Vimle’s spacious structure and minimalist design, as well as its flexible arrangement options make it a great choice for value shoppers looking for a comfortable couch.

The Vimle is a relatively new Ikea sofa model and is one of many Ikea sofas on the market.





(Image credit: Ikea)


To read a detailed overview of the Ikea brand, check out the Sofa Selector Ikea Brand Review.


Before we settle into the Ikea Vimle couch review, I’ll tell you that the Vimle’s strengths lie in its roomy feel and affordable price. That said, the quality of this sofa just isn’t up to par with higher end brands, but I found it comfortable and practical.


Now, sit back, relax and dive into the pros and cons of the Ikea Vimle sofa.


Style & Design: ★★★★

The Ikea Vimle couch has a clean and straightforward design. This no frills, deep-seated sofa builds a welcoming and unobtrusive ambiance in any room.


The Vimle is deeper than many other Ikea couches as well as other competitors, with a back-to-front width of 38 5/8”.   


Its arms are 5 1/2 inches thick, which gives you extra seating if you are entertaining and in a pinch for sofas and chairs.


The covers easily come off and can be washed with water-based cleansers. Additionally, Ikea offers fit-to-order sofa covers that make it even easier to keep the sofa clean.


Ultimately, the Vimle sofa laid-back aesthetic and low maintenance design make it an attractive option for a family or anyone seeking to cultivate a cozy and inviting space.


Comfort:  ★★★★.5


The Vimle sofa has mid-to firm cushions that provide ample support for many hours of sitting.  The depth of the sofa offers plenty of space for leaning back and really reclining on the couch.


Additionally, I find it particularly comfortable when I lay back with my feet up and move one of the back cushions behind me to rest on the arm.


The fabric has a nice smooth texture and feels good against my skin.


Overall, I’d say the Ikea Vimle sofa is a solid choice in regards to comfort.


Customization: ★★★★★


While I ordered the 94 ⅞” 3-seater version, the Ikea Vimle couch is offered in 7 different colors and can be purchased as a loveseat, a chaise lounge, or a custom sectional configuration, and can be accompanied by an ottoman.  Of note, the ottoman includes hidden storage space.


Ikea has an easy to use tool that allows you to view the different custom sofa options, size, price, and color options.


Quality: ★★★

As I mentioned, Ikea prioritizes functionality to give consumers low prices on practical and aesthetically appealing furniture. That said, some of the materials used in many Ikea sofas aren’t as high quality as those used by higher-end brands.


However, Ikea backs its products with extended warranties. The Vimle is covered with a 10-year limited warranty, so customers can sit easy knowing that Ikea’s got their back.


Frame: As described on the Ikea website, frame is made of “Solid wood, Plywood, Fiberboard” polyurethane foam, particleboard, polypropylene, and polyester wadding. The frame also supports the cushions with a springboard.

Fabric: The fabric is 100% polyester.

Cushions:  The cushions and manufactured with“Polyester fiber balls” and “High-resilience polyurethane foam (cold foam) 2.2 lb/cu.ft.”


Legs: The legs are made of polypropylene plastic


Overall Construction: Everything fits together nicely and feels solid when I sit on it. That said, the bolts that connect the arms to the sofa are bound into the particle board rather than secured with metal and the fabric is velcroed into place.


Sustainability & Wellness: ★★.5


Ikea’s People & Planet Positive strategy lays out increasingly sustainable retrofits by 2020.

The brand uses phased out PVCs, minimizes formaldehyde content and other harmful chemicals.


What’s more, over 60 percent of the wood comes from FSC certified forests or recycled sources.


Although the company says it uses 100% recycled material in packaging, the sofa was delivered with extensive plastic and cardboard packaging.


Ikea is actively seeking to reduce its environmental footprint and explicitly promotes its commitment to sustainable and equitable supply chains on its website. To learn more about Ikea’s sustainability and Wellness performance, check out the Sofa Selector Ikea Brand Review.


Delivery and Assembly: ★★★


The checkout process was straightforward and I was able to select a drop off day, at least 1 week from my purchase date. The delivery fee was $99 plus tax.


I received an automated call from Ikea the day before to confirm a 4-hour window. I tried to change the window but they were unavailable after 5 pm PST. The movers called me about 20 minutes before arriving and placed the boxes inside my apartment.


The entire sofa fit in my Prius, with the front seat filled with boxes and very little room to look out the window.

With the help of a friend, I was able to assemble the sofa in about an hour and a half. Ikea provided visual instruction booklets without words and small wrenches necessary for assembly.

Of note, the back cushions seemed to be a little bigger than the slip covers, which made it a little awkward to stuff them in; however, they have filled out and seem to be holding up fine.


Value: ★★★★

The 3-seater Vimle sofa cost me $549 for the couch itself, $99 for delivery, and $52.16 for taxes, which came out to a total of $700.16.

Considering the comfortable deep design, 10-year warranty and clean lines, I’d say that the Ikea Vimle couch is a solid option for value-focused couch shoppers.

What Customers Are Saying:★★★★.1 (7 reviews) (11.12.17)


Here is a representative sample of the customer reviews posted on the Ikea website. To read more customer reviews click on the stars beneath the price and article number on the Vimle product listing.


★★★★★”Wonderful, Deep, Cushy IKEA Sofa

The VIMLE Sofa from IKEA is, in my opinion, the best value sofa you can buy from IKEA. It's deeper and cushier than any of their other sofas, and it looks much more expensive than it is. I love the Gunnared Gray – it's a heathered gray fabric looks like it will hide dog hair pretty well and in the meantime looks crisp and trendy. Putting the sofa together took me (29-year-old female) about two and a half hours going at a very leisurely pace. It came in 12 packages and no one of the packages was too heavy for me to lift and handle. The instructions were fairly straightforward – the only thing that confused me was whether to put the fabric on the back portion of the sofa before putting it together (but I figured out that you put on the fabric afterward). I wish IKEA would let me upload an image of the finished product alongside my review – couldn't be happier with it!” - By sewilban

★ “I am returning this couch ASAP

I bought this couch and was very excited about it. Unfortunately my excitement stopped at the assembly of the couch. The holes did not line up and the screws I was able to line up made the couch look crooked and nothing like the picture. I was extremely disappointed and asked for a full refund. I do not recommend this product.” - By Terrible Couch

★★★★ “Worth it - Bought this last week and had it home delivered because it comes in 12 different packages. Spent yesterday putting it together - for the most part assembly was super easy btwn my husband and I (easier than expected for sure!) but did take an entire afternoon into early evening to do. Not a ton of building and it's all very simple - there were no instructions on attaching the arm rests but it was easy to figure out. My only really negative comment would be the back cushions.. they are much larger than the covers and came out very lumpy and uneven. Hoping over time this works out but felt really bummed that everything else came out perfect and then we had to throw lame cushions on top! We chose the beige cover and while it looks great and we love the texture, it's definitely a lot cooler than the images online. I would say this is actually a light grey couch, very silver toned. So far it's extremely firm, there's no sinking into this couch, but we did try a floor model out and it was a little softer so expecting this to break in over time. Overall, this couch is definitely worth the price and I would recommend it so long as you know what you are getting into!” - By  TCnLA

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